Wolf in White Van Response

Due Monday, 3/14

Choose the single most important sentence in the first 75 pages of Wolf in White Van. Then write a response post of 150-250 words in which you explain why that sentence is so significant. Quote the sentence someplace in your paragraph, but be certain that you sandwich the quote using your own words. The sentence that includes the quotation must include words from you as well. You have broad latitude to decide for yourself what standards to apply in deciding what makes a sentence particularly significant.

Make sure to include an MLA in-text citation and a Work Cited entry for the novel at the end of your post too.

Week Ahead: 9

9 3/15 Wolf in White Van. Part One: Chapters 1-7 (pp. 1-75)
3/17 Wolf in White Van. Part One: Chapters 8-10 (pp. 76-109)
3/18 Podcast Episode 5 due

Everyone have a relaxing, enjoyable, and safe spring break!

Upon return, we’ll spend the next two weeks discussing John Darnielle’s Wolf in White Van. Read the first 75 pages for class on Tuesday. Please publish a response post on this topic — we’ll begin class discussion with a look at these posts, so please get yours up by the day before class.

Please also make certain that you’ve listened all the way through to the first 4 podcast episodes produced for this class so far. We’ll spend some time discussing them in class this week.