Battlefield 4, Empathy, and Drill

Kino Maravillas and Daniel Sperling examine Battlefield 4, a critically-acclaimed first person shooter game from Swedish developer DICE. Battlefield combines high quality graphics, directional audio, and realistic gameplay elements to deliver an immersive shooter experience. We used two chapters from Bogost’s book, “Empathy” and “Drill,” to describe how the game conveys these themes and thus supports Bogost’s assertions.

Hallo 4 and Art

In this episode, Brian Fan and Mike James explore the graphic design of Halo 4, a game revolving around an epic galactic conflict. To what extent does art function in a game that is primarily a first-person shooter? How do the designs for weaponry and starships evolve as the identity of the game solidifies? Most importantly, however, what role does art play in the creation of a community and culture for the game?

Minecraft and Art

Eric and Emma explore Minecraft by Mojang. Minecraft is known as a “sandbox game” where players can roam freely through an open world and complete missions as they feel fit. Aesthetically, despite its block-shaped obsession, can Minecraft be considered an art game? What makes any game an art game? What even is art???

Background Music: “Night Owl” by Broke for Free

Wii Sports

Jordan and Mady explore Wii Sports, by Nintendo. Wii Sports is an interactive, exercise simulation game. Its purpose is to promote active lifestyle through alternative methods to conventional exercise, such as video games. We examined Wii Sports and incorporated Ian Bogost’s analysis of exercise through video games.

Background Music: Wii Sports Theme by Wii Sports

4. FIFA and Music

Nick and Jay explore FIFA by EA Sports. FIFA is an interactive soccer game simulation. Because FIFA is one of the famous games around the globe, its soundtracks attract people’s attention from a wide array of backgrounds. Though FIFA’s soundtracks make users elated and pumped to play the game, they mean more than that. Ian Bogost believes music in video games no longer carry themes and messages with them, however, FIFA is the perfect counter example. Let’s find out why.

Background Music: Wavin Flag by K’nann (recorded from the game)
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Doing Video Games with Reverence

Stephen Black and Max Faass explore The Binding of Isaac by Edmund McMillan. The Binding of Isaac is a 2011 Indie 2D dungeon crawler that portrays a modified version of the the biblical story of the same name. After Isaac’s mother hears a message from God commanding her to sacrifice her son as proof of her faith, Isaac flees into the horror-ridden basement to survive.

Background Music: The Binding of Isaac Menu Music (recorded by ourselves)