Week Ahead: 9

9 3/15 Wolf in White Van. Part One: Chapters 1-7 (pp. 1-75)
3/17 Wolf in White Van. Part One: Chapters 8-10 (pp. 76-109)
3/18 Podcast Episode 5 due

Everyone have a relaxing, enjoyable, and safe spring break!

Upon return, we’ll spend the next two weeks discussing John Darnielle’s Wolf in White Van. Read the first 75 pages for class on Tuesday. Please publish a response post on this topic — we’ll begin class discussion with a look at these posts, so please get yours up by the day before class.

Please also make certain that you’ve listened all the way through to the first 4 podcast episodes produced for this class so far. We’ll spend some time discussing them in class this week.

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