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This adorable creature is my beloved dog.  He is quite honestly my best friend and my idol; having his care-free life and happiness is the absolute dream.  Maybe it’s corny or cliché, but I don’t know what I would do without him. He is the best listener and cuddle buddy out there and I dare say that out of everyone at home, I might miss him the most. He doesn’t sass me like the rest of my family and let’s face it, he is also way cuter than all of them.  I chose this picture of him as my avatar because he reminds me of home and simply fills me with happiness!

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eeåomg jesus

This is the avatar for my blog. The reason I’ve chosen this avatar is because Jesus is the answer to everything. No, but all jokes apart, the reason I chose this avatar is because I belief that my life, just like everyone else’s, is an interactive game in which we’re making tough decisions everyday, facing consequences for our actions and learning new things about ourselves and the world we live in.

Favicon: Who wants to play?

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The source for this image came from Flickr and is used accordingly for CC-licensed images. The link for the image is below:…

Since a young age, I’ve always been a fan of video games. For me, gaming is a great form of release that allows me to relax and deeply immerse myself in a microcosm that solely belongs to me. In a sense, when I game I am a part of that particular video game, and if the game is made well the video game also affects me in a sentient manner. A great video game should come to life, as if the characters or the environment speak to you. Part of the reason I chose this favicon is because it’s a simple representation of what a good game can do: bring a simple, inanimate console to life. As a pragmatist, I enjoy things that are simple but eloquent.

For my blog, my main focus of interest will obviously be video games. But I don’t want my posts to seem like a drawn out analytical lecture. I want there to be elements of debate and conversation that display different perspectives to create a holistic view of all topics I address. Letting outside sources, such as other published posts or other people, can help me make a more well-informed blog. Critically, in my opinion letting the video game do the talking through it’s aesthetic, emotional, and structural aspects is the foundation of this class. I hope I can find a way to balance between my analyses and the motifs the game tries to invoke.

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Credit: Jordan Small

I chose this image because skiing has always been a huge part of my life. My family and I go on a ski trip every year, usually to Steamboat Spring, Colorado and it is the best vacation. I have come to appreciate these trips and the quality time I get to spend with my family because while we are there, we forget about the work and stress of every day life and focus on each other. I did not have any difficulties creating the badge.


English avatar pictureWhile roaming my photo library I came across this beauty and knew immediately that it needed to be my avatar. It does not necessarily describe my personality in general, but when I get frustrated with (insert anything) this is how I feel internally. This photograph gave me several problems because I am technologically disinclined. Therefore I was frustrated and felt like my avatar.

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For anyone who had never heard of Bitmoji I definitely suggest getting the app cause its super fun. The Bitmoji app allows you to customize your personal character by changing their hair, nose, eyebrows, lips and clothes. There are many different images, with different sayings and that have your character in different positions, for you to use to express any feeling that you have. I use the bitmoji app regularly when having text conversations with friends. Most of the images have sayings on them so I tried to chose the most generic one for my avatar. I chose to use this image because of my frequent use of the app and I feel it describes me as a person in a simple way. I’m generally very bubbly and like to have fun and my character in this image is very excited. She’s also holding up a foam finger which works to represent me because I am a big sports fan, namely football. Its hard to find something that encompasses every aspect of who I am but this is a good start.



Flame Champion (Avatar) with Name


This is a portrait of the Flame Champion, a significant character in Konami’s JRPG series Suikoden. His real name is unknown, yet he is highly revered across the land for his possession of the True Fire Rune, one of the 27 true runes that act as essential pillars in the Suikoden universe. True runes are magical symbols that embody the eternal struggle between chaos and order in the world. As a result, those who wield their power are usually possessors of exceptional talent and willpower, from fierce generals to adept magicians to brilliant strategists.

This image is highly significant to me as Suikoden is the first RPG series I have ever played and thus undoubtedly introduced me to the power of compelling characters and story in video games. Recruiting every character in each game with my older brother was an essential component of my childhood.



Space Cadet On An Adventure

Nick Reyes Spaceman Edit

The above image takes a closer look at the astronaut in Claudio Mazzoli’s mural, Spaceship Earth.  Being somewhat of an enthusiast when it comes to anything related to outer space, this image was hard to pass as my avatar.  After tweaking some of the color qualities in the image, I was able to magnify what is most important to me in this image. Every time someone has asked me what I want to be in the future, I always envision an astronaut in a shining white suit.  This image has appropriately taken my vision one step further, adding the qualities of a red helmet and a red accent color on the suit.  As can be seen underneath the control panel of the satellite on the left side of the image, I was able to subtly imprint my name on the control panel.  One could imply that I were to be fixing a satellite I created and belonged to me.  Yes – that would be quite an amazing dream to live.

Original Source of Images:

  • “Atomic” photo belongs to wackystuff on flickr
  • No adaptations were made
  • Astronaut photo belongs to Sam Howzit
  • Adaptations were made to the image



Out of all the pictures I have, this is one of my top 5 favorite and it made the cut to be my avatar. When I look at this picture it brings back some of the best memories I’ve had and probably will have. It was taken in May of last year during the final weeks of Firefighter 1, the training course required to become a volunteer in the state of Maryland. My partner and I had just finished putting out a fire in the burn building and we both felt like we were super-heroes so we decided to take a picture that would capture the feeling. Looking at this image now, I think it describes me extremely well. It shows both my courage, and my willingness to be ready to help when people are in need and that’s what I like most about it.

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