Required Texts

Required Texts

Darnielle, John. Wolf in White Van: A Novel.
New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2014.

Cover of How to Do Things with Videogames

Bogost, Ian. How to Do Things with Videogames.

U Of Minnesota P, 2011.

The games I’ve selected to be our focus

are intended to illustrate particular points

about how and why we play video games;

they also have the advantage of being widely

available for free over the Internet or for a

low price on the distribution network Steam.

You will need to create an account at Steam.

The Beginner’s Guide $10
The Stanley Parable (demo) Free

The Stanley Parable (full version) $4

Gone Home $8
Kentucky Route Zero $25
Some of these potential games

might also be included:

(as of November 1)


Portal $10

This War of Mine $8

Papers, Please (free beta)

Her Story $6

Dear Esther $10

Oiligarchy free

BioShock $4

Braid (demo. full version)

World of Goo (free demo or full version)

Depression Quest

The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo

Terror Aboard the Speedwell


Freshman Year

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