Week Ahead: 3!

3 1/26 Play through Gone Home to completion.

Due: Gone Home response and your Player Character Avatar.

1/28 Richard Bell, “Family History: Source Analysis in Gone Home.”

Begin “Unpacking Manuel’s” assignment.

Bogost HTDTWV “Art” & “Empathy” (9-23) was assigned for last week, will discuss today, so if you didn’t read it before do so this week.

Due: Drafts of visuals and a script for the series intro segment, which we’ll discuss in class on Tuesday.

Class Plans

We’ll spend most of class today discussing Gone Home while also deciding on next steps for getting podcast ready for publication.

On Thursday, we’ll continue discussion of Gone Home after having read Bell’s piece. And will spend much of the class session going over the Unpacking Manuel’s assignment and beginning to work in it.

Looking ahead: podcast series

The episode sign up sheet has been updated per our class discussion and agreement, so there are now 10 episodes with due dates on Fridays throughout the semester starting 2/12. You should be forming pairs and claiming slots on the sign up sheet.

Also needed for the podcast series:

  • 2 images for iTunes distribution: a square avatar (1400 x 1400) and a rectangular header (2480 x 520).
  • An audio intro for the series


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