A Blind Legend

Check out A Blind Legend, the first mobile action adventure to replace image with sound. Transported to a chivalric realm inspired by the medieval age, the players must rely entirely on their sense of hearing to succeed in their quest. While guiding their hero by using their smart phone or tablet as a joystick, they move through a 3 dimensional audio universe, made possible by the integration of a binaural technology, which is still in the early stages of development within the video game industry. Designed by a team of sound and video game experts, A Blind Legend is an immersive gaming experience devised not only for the visually impaired and blind, but for anybody seeking an unprecedented sensory experience through a video game.

A Blind Legend is a chivalric adventure, set in a familiar world — inspired by King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table — with a touch of fantasy. The player takes the role of Edward Blake, the legendary blind knight. Guided by his daughter he must save his wife, Lady Caroline, who has been kidnapped by Thork, the mad king of High Castle. During his epic and perilous journey, he must find his way, navigate the traps and ambushes and confront the many enemies that make up Thork’s army.

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