Week Ahead: 4

Here’s what’s on tap:

4 2/2 Dear Esther
2/4 Podcast and Manuel’s workshop day.

In Class Plans

We’ll spend a bit of time in class today discussing the updates to the Manuel’s assignment (see below), but mostly we’re going to focus on Dear Esther, in particular comparison between it and Gone Home.

Thursday is going to be devoted to giving you opportunities to brainstorm together about the podcast assignments and to touch base about the Manuel’s assignment. You can ask me questions, ask each other questions, work near each other and bounce ideas off one another, and so on. Come to class ready to work!

Upcoming Assignments

I’ve updated the Unpacking Manuel’s assignment page. You should pick an object to research quickly so that you can get started on your essay and reflection.

Only half of you have signed up for a podcast episode. Those of you who have already signed up, please consider moving up to an earlier due date, since you seem to have a better sense of what you want to do. I know that nobody wants to be first, but there are distinct advantages to being the first episode turned in — including that we’re all going to think whatever the first group does is great because we won’t yet have anything to compare it against!

Edited to add:

Thus far, I have not been giving anyone a difficult time about just pasting URLs onto pages and posts but as of today, I will begin to do so. Remember, URLs are for computers, not humans. Show an awareness of audience and of the generic conventions of web publishing, instead of printing on paper, and use links!

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