Exit Conference Sign Ups

Please sign up for a time to meet with me between now and when you leave for the summer. There are lots of times on that form on Mon 4/25, Tues 4/28, Mon 5/2, and Tues 5/3. If you’re still in town, there are also some slots on Wed 5/4 after our scheduled exam slot. If you really can’t make any of those times listed, please let me know and I’ll see what I can work out — I listed almost every possible time on the form, but I will do my best to accommodate specific requests as necessary.

Before you meet with me, have your site and reflection letter as complete as you can get them. And before you meet with me, please complete this self-assessment of your portfolio letter. Be honest as you critique your own site — it’s not for a grade or anything, but should be a useful starting point for our conversation about your portfolio.

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