Hyborian War play by mail game (and Krull)

I mentioned in class on Tuesday that when I was young (pretty sure I was in middle school), I briefly participated in a play-by-mail game set in the Hyborian Age, the fictional period created by Robert E. Howard in his Conan the Barbarian books. I had forgotten all about this game until I read Wolf in White Van for the first time as I was deciding whether to include it on our syllabus. I searched around online a bit, just hoping to remember what the game was called, and I found that it evidently still exists and is still running as a game: Hyborian War!

I link to this game mostly to show that the fundamental conceit of White Van is valid — these games did exist and they still do.

Also, if you’re interested in watching the bad, old fantasy film Sean watches in the first part of the novel, Krull is available on YouTube.

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