Fiasco planning



I’d like to shoot for having you play Fiasco starting in the middle of next week. For starters, I’ve created a Doodle poll that basically includes the entire week in 3-hour overlapping blocks from 10a until midnight. Please respond to the poll and just denote each three hour block that you’re free. Count our class period on TTh as free for the purposes of the poll, because I’ll probably cancel a class period to facilitate gameplay scheduling. (I’ve made the times overlapping because if I put on the poll noon to 3 and then 3 to 6, maybe lots of you would be available from 1 – 4 but would mark no to each of those two. Does that make sense?)

So just indicate any 3-hour windows you’re available and I will see how difficult it is to create groups of 3-5 of you that include the entire class. I understand that it’s possible this process won’t work, and if it doesn’t we’ll go to a plan B but let’s see how it goes.


Once I’ve got scheduling options, I’ll assign you to groups of 3-5 based on when you’re available. Your group will need to decide on a space to play — pretty much the only thing you’ll need is a table large enough to sit in more or less a circle around it. I’ve ordered a huge box of black and white dice and will give each group enough dice and some index cards or post-it notes.

The Fiasco rulebook is now in our shared folder. Let me know if you have any problems getting to it.

You should read over the basic rules before meeting together to play. Note that it has a lot of pages, but the text is very large and includes lots of pictures and tables. (I read the rule book from start to finish during a flight, in less than an hour.) Also, the actual rules run from pages 8 – 60 — the next 40 pages are the playset tables you’ll use during game play, but you don’t need to read them in advance. It’s worth reading or at least skimming over the “replay” that starts on page 101. Don’t worry if the rules seem a little confusing — you will probably feel a little confused and lost as you start to play, but once you get going it will be fine.

We’ll talk a little more in class on Thursday or next Tuesday about gameplay.

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