Unpacking Manuel’s tavern

Harp Lager

Unpacking Manuel’s


What of age adult doesn’t like beer? Even better, who doesn’t like knowing a thing or two about what they are consuming? I would like to say this page includes everything one would want to know about Harp Lager and Manuel’s tavern, but it does not. Instead it contains what I believe is interesting about Harp and Manuel’s.



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Where did Esther?

During the beginning of the gameplay, I thought that I was attempting to find Esther. I looked around the house at the start, all through the mountains in the first chapter, I even ended up searching the internet to see if my goal was to actually find Esther. Eventually I figured if I could not find Esther immediately, I needed to explore more.

Once I started exploring, my main goal was to head towards the flashing light on top of the mountain. (Little did I know that that is where I needed to end up.)  While walking around, I greatly appreciated the graphics of the game. In comparison to Gone Home, which had a cartoon type feel, Dear Esther seemed more realistic. As for setting and time, I feel as if Dear Esther had a much better setting with much more complex meanings behind the setting. But I felt much more stuck in time in Dear Esther. Even though I was not achieving much in Gone Home, I kept unlocking new things to do which helped give a sense of time.

I felt as if character was developed in a very interesting way. I liked the story telling of Esther and what seemed to be a distant friend or family member who used to live on the island. It made the character feel more human to me than in Gone Home. In fact, in Gone Home I feel as if my character was not developed but everyone else was but in Dear Esther the character changed throughout the gameplay so I felt more development.


English avatar pictureWhile roaming my photo library I came across this beauty and knew immediately that it needed to be my avatar. It does not necessarily describe my personality in general, but when I get frustrated with (insert anything) this is how I feel internally. This photograph gave me several problems because I am technologically disinclined. Therefore I was frustrated and felt like my avatar.

Was “Gone Home” a game, an experience, or both?

Gone Home was my first game I have ever downloaded and played on my computer– I am much more of a console man myself– so even the process of downloading the game was difficult. However, once I got the game running I was all good. From the start screen I thought to myself “Oh no. This is going to be a horror game” For reference I do not do well with anything related to horror. When I started actually playing I sympathized with the character because one of my visits back to my parents house nobody was there. This initially gave me investment in the character and throughout the game I felt as if I became part of the game through the notes and letters left around the house.

With each new hint in the game I became more and more a part of it. When I encountered the hidden passageways I appreciated the setting of the game and it made the game seem even more real. The detail put into the build of the house is that of an actual house. The only portion of the game that bothered me was the time in the game. There was no time limits or any obvious time changes throughout the game, just the storm becoming slightly louder at times, so I felt like I was stuck in a moment. If the TV’s were showing a signal or music playing, I would have felt like I was progressing. The only times I felt as if time was flowing was when the audio played a voice or I read a note.

As far as being the only character in the game, I thought it was odd but I could appreciate how the developers of the game designed it. If there had been other characters, the tension created by being home alone would not have been near as intense. I enjoyed how I learned about myself, yes I said myself not my character, through the notes. I learned that my sister loved and could confide in me about things that she could not even talk about with our parents. Even though I did not learn much about myself from my parents, I learned the problems that were occurring in the family. Since I myself, not the character, am no longer living at home I really do not know what is going on with the family anymore and I am always playing catchup whenever I visit.


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