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This is the avatar for my blog. The reason I’ve chosen this avatar is because Jesus is the answer to everything. No, but all jokes apart, the reason I chose this avatar is because I belief that my life, just like everyone else’s, is an interactive game in which we’re making tough decisions everyday, facing consequences for our actions and learning new things about ourselves and the world we live in.

Gone Home reflection – It’s time to go home

As I started playing the game, I thought of how different it is, in some aspects, from games I’ve played in the past. Devoid of reflex-based mechanism and strategic conquests, Gone home is a game that doesn’t require adeptness, and anyone over the age of 7 can enjoy the game’s dynamics.

Whenever I play an interactive video game, I put myself in the position of the main character, who in this case, is Kaitlin. The house succeeded in feeling abandoned; the intensity of simply walking around the house and looking for clues, put me in the position of a reckless soul, stumbling upon secrets about characters who would, as it turns out, be my family in the game.

As I uncovered certain secrets about my sister Samantha and her love life, I felt like I had taken a step so deep into the game that I couldn’t stop myself from playing further. The game is simply an interactive novel within which time loses its significance as a dimension. Not to say that the game lacks pace, but it has a special pace of its own, that a player must figure out eventually.

It addresses some important concepts, such as the nonacceptance of homosexuality in the 90s and adultery in economically strained relationships. I can imagine the nostalgic reaction someone who was a child in the 90s would have to this game, and at the same time, I felt like it was one hell of a ride in which I was learning about people who weren’t in the house but their presence was still being felt through the emotional discoveries of clues.

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