Go home, Gone Home

From the title of the game to the ominous application logo, I thought for sure that I was going to find myself playing a horror game. Judging from the intro of the game, I didn’t think I was far off. Wandering on an old porch with a huge thunderstorm overhead, made me nervous that someone was going to jump out at me at any moment. The first note on the door didn’t make that fear disappear. Where had my sister gone? Was there a murder? What was awaiting me in the house?

As I walked into the house, the eeriness did not escape me (and didn’t until the end). One thing that really impressed me with this game is the attention to detail through sound.

My Avatar

Laura's Avatar

I have never needed or been asked to create an avatar before in my life. When charged to make one for this class, I spent an absurd amount of time trying to figure out something that represented me as a person. What I figured out is that there is not one image that does justice to a one’s personality. We are all diamonds: multifaceted people, with some roughness around the edges.

In this collage, I attempted to draw from various aspects of my life. The Red Cross represents my desire to become a nurse in the future, but also pokes fun at my weird obsession with giving blood. I consider baby sea turtles to be my spirit animal so they are represented up top. No, I do not have a fascination with churches, but the one depicted here is from el Zocalo in Mexico City, one of my favorite places in Mexico to visit. My entire family is from Mexico and my heritage is huge, important part of my life. My favorite food chilaquiles, pictured above as well, reminds me of family meals in red tile kitchens and the fantastic bonding that occurs over comida. Though I am Mexican, I was born in raised in the South and I’m sure proud of it. The two images in the middle depict my hometown of Greenville and the ports in Charleston, the cutest southern town there ever was. I have grown up with a love of getting to know and understand other cultures, so the suitcase represents my enjoyment of travel. If I did not have to be realistic about my life, I would travel. The last picture of the soccer balls illustrate my deep rooted love for the sport (obviously, because what else do Hispanics rave about) and the fact that I was a referee for six years before coming to college. All in all, these images capture the very most important aspects of my life and how they come together to define me.

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