Kentucky Route Zero Part II

After having played the first part of Kentucky Route Zero so long ago, it was hard for me to remember what my purpose was during the game. I think the game in general is very casual to play because you are just choosing which option to take. However, I never felt like I got too invested in the outcome of the game. In comparison with the other games we have played I thought Kentucky Route Zero was one of my least favorites.

Kentucky Route Zero

It was a really weird game to say the least. In the beginning, it seemed like a pretty normal game. We were riding around on a road trying to find things, and connect the pieces. At first I thought our choices meant something. As it turns out, you’re just delaying or speeding up what is bound to happen in the game. That in itself was pretty frustrating but I liked the game enough to play Act II before it was assigned. Once I found Kentucky Route Zero in Act II, it was an out of this world experience. It transcended reality and honestly made for a fun game play. There’s something to say about the scenes in the church and bureau but I’m not sure what. The only thing that was frustrating about this game was completely forgetting what the goal was. I had to look up the game to remember that we were trying to deliver a package. But maybe there’s something to be said about that too…