Our Manuel’s Twine Game Draft

Twine screenshot

I quickly fleshed out the Twine game that I started to draft with you all earlier today. Please check it out. Note that once you get to a page that describes a specific artifact, there’s a link at the bottom of that page that goes to the student’s web site; however, I could not (quickly and easily) find a way to have that link open in a new tab or to have a back button, so for now at least those links are dead ends. Once you’ve revised your individual passages, we could reprint your write up inside the game though, with a link to your site as a citation. Anyway, for now I’ve published this here so you can move through it and get some sense of where the dialog outline you’re drafting will go — we need some text in those hubs areas that will link to the artifact spaces.

Does that make sense?

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