First Podcast Episode is Live!

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Zach and Rohan submitted their episode on Thursday, but I was still waiting to get the reading of the intro script from Charlie. I went ahead and created a set of logo and banner images for our account while I was waiting — it’s fairly easy to change the images around if y’all have constructive feedback on what I came up with. I got the intro from Charlie this evening, finished up the episode, and published it to Soundcloud. Then I submitted the podcast to iTunes. Once they complete a review of the first episode, the podcast will be live in iTunes and you can start encouraging people to subscribe to it.

In the meantime, you can listen to the first episode now on Soundcloud.

Edited to add:

The podcast is now live in iTunes.

  • Go to your favorite podcasting app (YMMV, but personally I like Overcast, which is available in a free version for iOS or Android devices)
  • Search for “Doing Video Games with” and then subscribe to the podcast.
  • Feel free to post links to individual episodes or to the podcast series on your social media or to send them to people you think might be interested.

Please do make certain to listen to the first episode before class on Tuesday. Zach and Rohan reported that they found it exceedingly difficult to edit their episode down to 5 minutes of content and suggested that we should extend the time out to ten minutes, and I’m inclined to agree with them but speak up if you’ve got issues with that.

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